Notice of Race

Organizing Authorities: The Waukegan Yacht Club and the Milwaukee Yacht Club are the Organizing Authorities (OA) of this race.

2.0 Rules

2.1 The race shall be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

2.2 The Racing Rules will be modified as follows:

(a) If there is a conflict between this notice and the Sailing Instructions, the latter will take precedence. This changes Rule 63.7

3.0 Eligibility, Equipment and Entry

3.1 Yachts shall be at least 24 feet in length on deck. Yachts under 24 feet must receive Regatta Chair approval.

3.2 Yachts can register for the PHRF Fleet, Short Handed, One Design or the Cruising Fleet.

3.3 The Race Committee shall have full authority to determine the suitability of any yacht for entry in any fleet and may divide any fleet into divisions at its discretion.

3.4 The Organizing Authority may exclude a specific yacht from the race by invoking Rule 76 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (Exclusion of Boats or Competitors) if it determines that the yacht would incur a safety risk by participating.

3.5 Entry Documentation shall include the following:

(a) A completed entry form including the Waiver and Release of Liability signed by the Skipper, or Person In Charge (PIC), who is 18 years or older.

(b) Entry is not complete until the Organizing Authority receives a Waiver of Release of Liability signed by each skipper and crew member. Skipper and crew waivers shall be submitted no later than at check in. All waivers can be downloaded online on the web site of both clubs. In the event of a crew member substitution or addition after completed registration, the crew member must submit a Waiver of Release of Liability prior to racing for that boat’s entry to remain valid.

(c) Each yacht sailing in the Short Handed, One Design or PHRF Fleet (Monohull and Multihull) shall provide a valid 2021 LMPHRF Certificate, signed by the Skipper before their registration is valid prior to the entry deadline of August 6, 2021.

(d) Each yacht shall provide a current certificate of insurance with a minimum of $300,000.00 liability coverage.

(e) The appropriate entry fee:

$ 150.00 if entry paid by Aug 10, 2021

$ 250.00 if entry paid on or after August 11, 2021

Registration and payment can be made online at any of these links: or or If registering through Regatta Netowrks, llok for the Milwaukegan race on 8/14/2021 and then click the registration link.

(f) Cancellation Refund Policy

No Refunds will be made after July 31, 2021

If the race is canceled by the OA, a refund of the 2021 entry fee will be issued.

4.0 Check in at Waukegan Yacht Club

Friday August 13, 2021 Saturday August 14, 2021

1200 to 2000 – Check-in 0630 – 0800 – Late Check-in

5.0 Schedule of Events at Milwaukee Yacht Club

Activities to be determined

6.0 Race

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Short Handed Fleet: First Warning at 0755

Cruising Fleet: First Warning at 0825

PHRF Fleet: First Warning at 0840 with “rolling” starts for each section