2021 Milwaukegan is in the history books!

The inaugural Milwaukegan Race went off beautifully over the weekend of Aug 13-14. The race had 23 boats register and 22 boats started the race Saturday morning. Waukegan Yacht Club hosted an amazing party Friday for the racers supplying all the racers with tasty food and cold beverages! A live DJ entertained the crowd and got people up and dancing. WYC even had a fun raffle of great prizes. Everything was set for the start of the race the next day.

Milwaukegan welcome party

The start of the race was greeted with sunny cloudless sky and light winds from the northwest. It looked like the race would be a challenge for many of the boats. Light wind boats moved out nicely and soon were leading the pack. But by the time the fleet got to Kenosha the winds flipped around to the south and rose and fell the rest of the day but held steady from the south.

The winds were light but the weather was warm and sunny for the entire weekend.

Boats with symmetrical spinnakers had the definite advantage over racers with asyms or none at all. With the winds dead from the south it was a run the whole way to Wind point. Many of the racers headed out northeast looking for more wind but that turned out to be fruitless for most. By sunset, the fastest boats were starting to pull into Milwaukee and tying up at the Milwaukee Yacht Club (MYC).

After the winds clocked around to the south symmetrical spinnakers ruled the day.

The first boat finished around 7:30pm and the last one came in around 9:30pm.

The last finishers crossed the line well after 9:30pm.

The MYC kitchen stayed open late for the racers and the club treated everyone to free beer. It was satisfying ending to a wonderful day of racing.

MYC handed out awards on Sunday morning after a tasty breakfast.

Thanks to all the planners, volunteers and racers for making this a new tradition on the Great Lakes! We could not have done this without you!

MYC hosted the awards ceremony Sunday morning with a full breakfast buffet and tasty bakery.

WYC and MYC are planning to make the Milwaukegan a annual tradition on the Great Lakes like the Mac and Chicago Waukegan. Come join us next year for this great new race!